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We Provide Medical Services.

Malhampatti brings the best doctors of India to every small village and rural outskirts with a mission of Wellness for All.


Online Doctor Consultation

With Malhampatti now, you will get a chance to consult the best doctors. With the help of online consultation, ...


Offline Doctor Consultation

Malhampatti connects the rural population to reliable and experienced Doctors from all over India. ....


Pathology Lab Services

Malhampatti offers Blood Collection, Stool and other Sample Collections, so it becomes easy for the rural ..


100% Genuine Medicines

Malhampatti Counters stock only 100% genuine medicines at economical rates. We promise to fight ...

why choose us

Why People Trust Malhampatti Treatment

Malhampatti's Promise to Bring the Best of HealthCare to Rural India


At Malhampatti centres, we offer both physically present Healthcare Professionals and Online Expert Doctors who connect with the rural population through video calls and other telecommunication facilities.

Offline Consultation with City Doctors

Malhampatti brings you a unique offering where we book your appointments for Doctors and Medical Specialists of well-renowned hospitals from the cities and towns. Gone are the days when rural India had to bear the trouble of reaching to distant doctors for expert medical opinions. All you need to do is reach out to any Malhampatti centres, where the rural population can quickly get reserved their offline bookings..

Home Collection of Blood Samples

A revolution for Indian rural areas, Malhampatti now offers dedicated teams who collect blood, spit, stool etc. samples from homes in Indian villages and panchayats so that the aged, less literate and pregnant population can also get pathology diagnostics with ease.

About Malhampatti

Welcome To Malhampatti

Malhampatti e-Clinic is one-stop solution for all your immediate medical needs. We primarily cater to the rural localities of India so that even the people living far away from the city can get the best medicinal facilities. Life-saving medicines, as well as early diagnostics, can save lives, and we pledge to bring multi-medicinal facilities to the furthest rural corners of India. Every panchayat, every village and all the nooks and crannies of Indian rural areas are entitled to get the best medicinal innovations and the most talented doctors from all over the country. We are on a mission to connect the best medicinal resources and professionals to you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide low cost, genuine and high quality medical facilities like online consultations, offline doctor appointments, medicines and pathology tests to the last mile of backward (rural) areas of India through advanced telemedicine technology.

Our Vision

Our goal is to reach health facilities in every rural area of the country

Ab Doctor Aap Se Dur Nahin.


Our outstanding doctors

Meet the Doctors from Indian Hospitals who are dedicated to help the rural population